General Terms & Conditions

General Terms and Conditions for accommodation and provision of Extra Services in Queen Nelly hotel.

These General Terms and Conditions (GTC), subject to change, shall apply directly or indirectly to all services provided by Queen Nelly hotel, including bookings made through, tour agents, tour operators and hotel partners. You can get to know them online, via mobile devices, on site, by email or phone. By booking accommodation and/or providing of any extra service in Queen Nelly hotel and by browsing and using our web site, regardless of the platform, including these of tour agents, tour operators and hotel partners (hereinafter referred to as the "website"), you confirm that you have read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions set out below.


The booking request and its confirmation by the Hotel cause a contract arising between you and us. It shall be arranged by the provisions of the current GTC and the relevant Bulgarian legislation shall be applied if any gaps appear.

You need to provide your name, e-mail and phone number when booking.

Before submitting a Booking Request, the user is responsible to get to know the General Terms and Conditions of Hotel Booking of Queen Nelly hotel.

The user must agree and accept these terms and conditions. If he/she does not accept the General Terms and Conditions for accommodation in Queen Nelly Park Hotel, his/her request shall not be considered.

Booking requests for accommodation and/or services shall be made in one of the following methods:

  • Phone: +359 876 79 19 19 – Reservations department
  • E-mail:
  • Tour operator, tour agent or other partner
  • at Queen Nelly hotel

A booking for accommodation shall be secured if prepaid at least 30 % of the price by bank transfer, credit/debit card or cash at Queen Nelly hotel.

Hotel check-in requires the submission of any ID certifying the identity of the client who made the booking, a proof of payment of the advance amount and a confirmation or accommodation voucher.


We do not add additional (booking) fees to the room rate and do not charge your private credit/debit card as you pay directly to the virtual POS terminal of the Bank which has provided a virtual POS terminal to the hotel.

We do not require any data of your credit or debit card to secure your booking. Our system refers you to a virtual POS terminal of Raiffesenbank EAD which has provided a Virtual POS Terminal to the Hotel. After you have confirmed the service desired on the website and you are sending on your own the information of your credit or debit card directly to Raiffesenbank EAD which makes the prepayment.

Payment is processed in a secure way by a third party (Raiffesenbank EAD) and is transferred directly from your bank account to the hotel's bank account. Queen Nelly hotel does not make, accept or process payments – all that shall be done via virtual POS terminal of the Bank.

In case the payment was made by a bank card, the refund will be made by a payment reversal operation on the card with which the payment was made within 30 days.

Hotel reserves the right to adjust prices, terms and conditions in the event that the Bulgarian government decides to change the current fees or impose other regulative changes.

Booking Cancellation

Free cancellation is possible up to 14 days before check-in without penalty. For canceled reservations after this period a penalty of 30% of the total amount is due.

No show – reservation is canceled and whole period is invoiced

Early departure – whole period is invoiced

Accommodation and checking out

The time for accommodation at Queen Nelly hotel is after 14:00. Any arrival before this time will be in accordance with hotel occupancy. The time of the hotel room is 12:00. Every release of the room after the standard hours is based on the occupancy of the hotel.

Late check-out after 12:00 must be stated in advance. Confirmed, if possible, by the hotel and is additionally charged and paid at the hotel reception. For more information, contact the hotel reception or reservation department directly.

Arrival and Departure Policy

Check-in time - after 14:00. Room access is possible in accordance with availability at the time of arrival. Check-in before 09:00 is subject to 1-night rate charged, after 09:00 50 % /fifty percent/ of 1-night rate is charged.

Check-out time: 12:00. Guests checking out their room between 12:00 and 18:00 shall pay 50 % /fifty percent/ of 1-night rate is charged. Check-out after 18:00 shall be charged at the rate of one full night.

Extra services

Parking: 10.00 BGN per day;
* Hotel has an unguarded car parking. Hotel is not responsible for vehicle theft and for any damage and lacks.

Available safe at the reception desk - free use


Hotel offers transfers to and from the airports and to any site within the country. Transfers are made by licensed carriers at specified rates. Please inform the current service prices if you are interested in.

Smoking Policy

In compliance with the Bulgarian legislation, Queen Nelly hotel has a policy of non-smoking in all indoor hotel parts, including guest rooms, public areas and corridors. Guests who do not comply with our policy shall be imposed a fine of 200.00 BGN and each Guest, Client and Visitor of Queen Nelly hotel shall give his/her absolute consent this fine to be added to the account of the room or requested by the offender in person. The offender also bears personal liability for the administrative penalties imposed by the competent authorities regarding the violation.

Designated smoking areas are distributed within the hotel's open area.

Thank you for your compliance with the Smoking Policy.

General Rules of Conduct

There is an official dress code in all public areas within the hotel. Guests are allowed to wear swimsuits only at the hotel's swimming pools. In accordance with our pleasant environment and for security reasons, please always wear long trousers in the common areas of the hotel and the restaurant.

Hotel reserves the right not to allow unacceptable levels of noise or guest behavior. You are responsible for complying with all conventional standards of good conduct during your hotel stay. In case of refusal to comply with the requirements, hotel reserves the right to cancel the booking without being responsible for any refund or indemnity.

Hotel policy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, nationality, religion, sex, marital status, age, ethnicity or disability. All guests and staff shall be expected to observe this policy and the hotel reserves the right to remove any person or persons who has/have committed an offence against this policy.

Pets are not allowed in the hotel.

All expenses of damage to the hotel property shall be paid by the persons who caused them at market prices upon providing with a hotel invoice.

Limited Liability

In accordance with the restrictions set out in these terms and conditions and according to the law we are only liable for direct damages incurred, paid or which you have been held liable for as a result of our failure to fulfill the obligations in relation to our web services, up to the total amount of your booking as specified in the confirmation email.

However, neither we nor any of our employees, directors, representatives, or other persons involved in creating, sponsoring, promoting or otherwise engaged in the site presentation and content shall be responsible for any criminal, special, indirect or subsequent loss (1) or damage; (2) for any error related to the Virtual POS Terminal of the Bank (including deduction of your funds for unauthorized transactions resulting from booking made on our website); for services (3), offered by the Bank, for any (direct, indirect, special, subsequent or punitive) damage, loss or expenses (4), incurred by you which you have been held liable for or you have paid, and they have appeared resulting or in connection with the use, inability to use or delay of our website; for any (personal) injury, death or other (direct, indirect, special, subsequent or criminal) damage, loss or expenses (5) incurred or which you have been held liable for or you have paid, irrespective of whether they are due to (legislative) activities, errors, non-respected obligations, (common) non-compliance, intentional offence, omission, failure to comply, misrepresentation, breach of law or failure to perform direct obligations (fully or partially) of the virtual POS terminal of the Bank (its employees, directors, agents, representatives or distribution companies); including for any (even partial) force majeure or any other event outside our control.

Queen Nelly Hotel shall not be responsible for any services outside the hotel which the client has privately purchased on site.

Queen Nelly hotel shall not be responsible for lost, forgotten or stolen items from rooms, restaurants or pool, as well as for damage caused by third parties.

Amounts for requested but wholly or partially customer caused services which are not used shall not be refunded


All claims related to the quality of the hotel services must be submitted by the client on site at the hotel for the purpose of remedying any defects. The submission shall be in written form. In the event that the requirements are not met, the client must ask the liable person to draw up a record. After the record has drawn up, the client will receive the formal standpoint on the problem from the Hotel Manager within 3 business days.

Intellectual Property Rights

The software needed to perform our services or available for use on our website, as well as the intellectual property rights (including copyrights) of the content and information or the material on our website, are owned by Queen Nelly hotel, unless otherwise specified.

Queen Nelly hotel owns all rights over the content (including all intellectual property rights) of the interface (including infrastructure) on the web page where the service is provided (including guest reviews and content translation) and you shall not be entitled to copy, (hyper-/deep) forward, publish, promote, sell, integrate, and benefit in any way from content or our brand without our explicit written consent.